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What is the TMA Method?

An integrated talent management solution that helps individuals, teams and organization use their talents to perfrom at the highes levels.


Talent Analysis, Cognitive Capability Assessments, Job Interest Assessments

Competency Library with 53 competency's

Competency Assessments

Feedback assessments

0 | 90 | 360 feedback
Supervised and unsupervised

Performance matrix

Tangible tool for enhancing and developing people

Personal Development Plan

Develop competency's over multiple levels in a continuous and sustainable rhythm


For individuals, teams, managers and Human Resources


Send out questionnaires, using our templates or create one yourself.

Career Advisor

The career advisor guides people towards a new career, based on the data of the TMA Analysis.

Talent Pool

This tool matches the talents of people with competency sets. Have a qualitative virtual bench always available.

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