Become a partner with TMA Portugal and help people do the work they love to do. Always.

TMA Portugal has developed a partnership model that empowers the partner to service their clients on a continuous basis.

Our vision

The TMA Method continuously develops employees with the support of the HR team within an organisation, and the TMA Portugal partner.

The TMA Method as a complementary business driver

Together we will change the way we look at development of individuals & teams in the Portugal region, and grow your business simultaneously through a partner growth plan that delivers return on investment with a long term perspective.

Elevate your business proposition

Provide a total Integral talent management solution focused on all levels of workers.


Create clear and Concise Expectations for specific roles.


Create a new collaborative framework with a strong talent dialogue to enhance performance right from the start.


Teaming concerns the Inclusion of all team members and the most effective use of talents.


Clearly identify areas that should be developed according to talents and competencies.


Undertake proper training measures that align individuals' needs with that of the organization.


Using psychometric analysis, along with Talent assessment tools, place your employees in the right role according to their talents, drives, ambition and goals.


Maintain an organization filled with driven and motivated individuals for overall growth.

Right Placement

Benefit as a fair employer by supporting transitions outside your organization. Every individual has their own dreams and goals.

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Dashboard individual

Give candidates the keys to their own development with access to their results directly online.

Team dashboard

Show how different team members can work better together efficiently with many possibilities for understanding one another and developing diverse talents.


Provide detailed reports and help the client interpret them for each assessment.

We have your back

Benefit greatly from our internationl experience. We can aid you with positioning yourself well in the market.

Marketing packages

Use different content for all your social media accounts

Technical support

You worry about the client and we worry about the technical part.

Personalized Management System

Use all TMA tools and more within your very own talent management system, designed to cater to your needs.

Find out how you can become a partner

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The TMA Method combines talents & competencies to propel performance and ROI.

  • Integral talent management
  • For individuals, teams and the organisation
  • Personalised portal
  • Support and consultation
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Join a growing group of coaches & trainers bringing humanity back to the workplace.

  • TMA Certification
  • Generous recurring Expert program
  • Tools for a enhanced training sessions
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